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Of Mice and Men

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Role of Migrant Workers

Julius Caesar

Explore SparkNotes: Julius Caesar!

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Julius Caesar Personality Quiz

Which Julius Caesar character are YOU?!


Take the personality quiz below and find out which character you’re most like.






  1. It’s Halloween. Which would you most likely dress up as?

a.       Robin: He’s a loyal friend to Batman, but can fight on his own if needed!

b.       King Henry VIII: He doesn’t let anyone boss him around, even the pope!

c.        The Brain (from Pinky and the Brain): Always plotting to take over the world!

d.       A little of everything: Who can decide when there are so many options!


  1. Which is your greatest fear?

a.       Autophobia: The fear of being alone.

b.       Athazagoraphobia: The fear of being ignored or unknown.

c.        Kakorrhaphiophobia: The fear of losing.

d.       Decidophobia: The fear of making decisions.


  1. Which sports position would you most likely play?
    1. Volleyball setter: Setting up for the most amazing spikes.
    2. Power forward: Controlling the key and showing who’s boss of the basketball court.
    3. Defensive back: Taking out the quarterback whenever the chance comes up.
    4. Marathon runner: You’ve got the strength and determination to run 26 miles—once you finally decide to do it, that is.


  1. Which priority best fits your personality?
    1. Staying loyal to your friends.
    2. Being loved by everyone.
    3. Gaining power and control.
    4. Protecting your country.


  1. What reality show would you choose to star in?
    1. The Amazing Race, as long as I can compete with my best friend
    2. The Apprentice, if I can be Donald Trump
    3. Survivor, because I can plot and scheme better than everyone
    4. Any documentaries about battles; I’ll gladly die with honor


  1. Your cruise ship gets stranded on a desert island. What do you do?
    1. Make sure everyone is safe and comfortable.
    2. Immediately take control by distributing food and providing entertainment to your shipmates.
    3. Take over the next ship that passes by
    4. Talk to the natives and passengers, observe possible escape options, and finally make a decision.


  1. Which statement best describes you?
    1. Support your friends now, and you’ll reap the rewards later.
    2. I deserve the very best!
    3. It’s hard to know what’s right, so think carefully.
    4. Who cares if I’m right, as long as I get my way!








Mostly A’s: The Affable (Mark) Antony

A truly loyal friend to Caesar, Antony also knows how to persuade and manipulate, almost as well as Caesar. In fact, he pretends to side with the assassins in order to save his own life. He’s vengeful but patient, waiting for the perfect moment to spur Romans to mutiny and chaos over Caesar’s death. Antony is loyal to his friends—but if you’re not a true friend, you’d better be careful.





Mostly B’s: The Stately Caesar

Caesar is the most powerful man Rome has ever seen, and he basks in the glory and love the Romans have for him. However, he is so in love with himself that he believes himself as invincible and everlasting as the North Star—unfortunately, this infallibility makes Caesar ignore warnings and omens about his upcoming death.





Mostly C’s: The Confident Cassius

Intelligent, experienced, and opportunistic—Cassius finds success both as a general and as a politician. Like Caesar, he’ll find a way to seize power, even if it means manipulating and lying his way to get there. Cassius is a realist, seeing opportunities to get ahead and make life work his own way.





Mostly D’s: The Undecided Brutus

Brutus loves the Republic of Rome and will do anything to defend his country and government. The problem is, he loves his friends, too. While Brutus loves Caesar as a friend and mentor, he fears Caesar will become too powerful and controlling. Brutus is truly an honorable man, unlike the rest of Caesar’s assassins who are simply jealous and power hungry themselves. Because Brutus is so dedicated to Rome, he doesn’t see that the others are manipulating him…until it’s too late.  


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