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Daily Warm-Ups 


5. Birdhouse Indoors - Draw the inside of the birdhouse from last week.

4. My Favorite - Draw your favorite article of clothing.

3. Artist of the Week - What is your favorite work by Banksy?


29. It's Raining Cats and Dogs - Draw a puddle and it's reflection

28. Birdhouse - Draw a house for any bird.

23. Pebble Rock - Draw a cartoon map of your hometown. 

22. Trees a Crowd - Draw three trees.

20. Single Tree - Draw any tree.

19. Artist of the Week - What is your favorite artwork by Zaria Forman?

16. Harmony - Draw a pile of musical instruments.

15. Man Overboard - Draw something floating.

9. Mirror Room - Draw a library in a mirror

8. Topsy Turvy - Draw a room that has been flipped upside down.

7. Scribble-U - Create a self-portrait using only scribbles

6. Cube-Pet - Draw a cubist self portrait of a pet

5. Artist of the Week - What is your favorite artwork by Salvador Dali?

2. U-Mouth - Draw a portrait with an exaggerated mouth.

1. U-Bot - Draw a self-portrait as a robot.


28. Make Music - Draw an instrument

27. Fire-up - Draw flames in a fire pit/fireplace 

26. Artist of the Week - What is your favorite painting by Mary Cassatt

23. Techno - Do a value study of a form of technology

22. Rage - Draw a portrait of yourself steaming mad.

21. Eyes Closed - Close your eyes and draw lines on a page. Open them and create an object.

20. iDraw - Create a new app logo for iPhone.

19. Artist of the Week - What is your favorite painting by Leonardo DaVinci?

16. Beetle-mania - What would a 10 foot beetle look like in your yard?

15. When Do I Ever Exaggerate? - Draw an exaggerated self-portrait.

14. Shot to the Heart - Draw your version of cupid. 

13. Just like the Coke commercial - Draw an object with water droplets somewhere on it.

12. Artist of the Week - What is your favorite painting by Georges Seurat?

9. G.O.A.T. - Draw the "greatest of all time..."

8. Inside Out 2 - Draw the skeleton of a human.

7. Inside Out - Draw the skeleton of an animal.

6. Artist of the Week - What is your favorite artwork by Jean-Michel Basquiat?

1. Fashion Male - Draw the male figure.


31. Fashion Female - Draw the female figure.

29. Stylized Self - Draw a self-portrait in the style of your favorite artist.

24. Bang! - You hear a loud noise in the night. What is it?

23. Ad You - Create an advertisement for yourself.

22. Artist of the Week - What is your favorite pastel by Edgar Degas?

19. Daily - Draw something you use daily.

15. Artist of the Week - What is your favorite photograph by Ansel Adams?

12. Chair Position - Draw the human figure sitting.

11. I've Got a Feeling - Create a new emotion.

10. Artist of the Week - What is your favorite painting by Frida Kahlo?

3. Edisonian Idea - Draw a light bulb.


12. An Apple a Day - Draw someone sick

11. Your Chair - Draw a chair in your house.

8. Tat-Teacher - Design a tattoo for a teacher

7. Famous Tattoo - Design a tattoo for a famous celebrity

6. You Tattoo - Draw yourself as a tattoo on someone else

5. Tattoo-U - Design a tattoo for yourself

4. Plant Monster - Draw a plant that turns into a monster. 

1. Green Thumb - Sketch a house plant with detail.


30. "Plantimal" - Draw a combination of a plant and animal. 

29. Toaster Shine - Draw a stainless toaster, complete with reflections.

28. Toaster Pop Up - Something just popped up out of the toaster and it wasn't toast or a pastry. What was it?

27. Together at Last - Sketch bare hands with bare feet. 


21. Home Cooked - Do a drawing of a plate of food. 

20. Cool Bird - Draw the Thanksgiving turkey relaxing in the sink. 

17. Any Old House - Create a detailed drawing of a house.

16. U-Architect - Create a fantasy building?

15. Does the Light Go Out? - Draw the inside of a refrigerator.

14. The Old Person Who Lived in a ??? - Draw your version.

13. It's Alive! - Your backpack is alive! Draw it.

10. Art Power - Turn your page into a political statement.

9. Tiny Backpack - Draw yesterday's animal with a tiny backpack.

8. Backpack Secret - Draw an animal you would secretly hide in your backpack. 


6. Wrong Into Right - Design a combination of words and images to protest something you believe is wrong. 

3. View From a Couch - Draw your view of a room looking down through your feet.

2. Just Imagine - Practice Drawing from your imagination and go wild.

1. Hole in One - Draw a large hole in your sketchbook with something coming out of it.


31. Jack-O - Draw a jack-o-lantern.

30. Re-cycle - Draw a pile of bicycles

27. Can Do - Draw a close-up of a can. 

26. Canned Dishwater - A company is marketing canned dishwater. Create a label for them.

25. Teacher Vision - Draw what you would see if you had eyes in the back of your head.

24. Toy Land - Draw a pile of toys.

23. Dream on, Dream on - Sketch your dream pet (real of mythological).

20. "Petrait" - Draw a portrait of your pet (past, present, or future)

19. Handy Object - Draw your hand holding an object. 

18. Grocery Shopping - Illustrate the items on your grocery list.

17. Twice the Work for Half of Your Labor - Fill a page with drawings of cut-in-half fruits and vegetables.

16. Fruits of Your Labor - Fill a page with drawings of fruits and vegetables.

13. Scary Clowning - Draw a scary clown.

12. In the Nest - Draw on bird and fill the page. 

11. Feather Your Nest - Fill a page with drawings of birds

10. Nature's Best - Do a drawing of an animal that is drawing you.

9. Clowning Around - Draw someone in costume. 

6. Hazardous Zone - Draw your room before you clean it. 

5. Window - Draw what you see outside your window.

4. Shhh... - Draw someone sleeping.

3. Knock Knock - Draw a knock knock joke.

2. Sweet treats - Draw a close up of your favorite candy.


29. Awakening - While you are sleeping, the objects in your kitchen cabinets come to life. Draw them.

28. ZZZZZ... - Draw a sleeping person.

27. Keyhole - Draw what you would see if you looked through a keyhole.

26. Souls - Draw a pile of shoes.

25. Went to the Market - Draw your bare feet.22. Action! - Draw the human figure in action.

21. If the Shoe Fits. - Take off your shoes. Draw them.

20. Take a peek into the future. - Draw a city of the future.

19. Take a peek at the past. - Draw an ancient city.

18. Take Me To Your Leader - Draw an alien city.

15. Reflective - Draw something reflective. 

14. Wet - Draw something wet. 

13. Maze Runner - Using a single, continuous, unbroken line, create a maze with an entrance and exit. 

12. How do you get there? - Invent a new mode of transportation.

11. Phobia - Draw your biggest fear.

8. Take a beak at my house! - Draw a bird's eye view of your house.

7. Cubical - Draw something that is cubed.

6. It's a bird! It's a plane! It's you! - Transform yourself into a super hero.

5. Dry - Draw something dry.

1. Handy Dandy - Draw a self-portrait with the opposite hand.


31. The Lint in My Pocket - Draw the contents of your pockets, purse, or bag.

30. Rough - Draw something with a rough texture.

29. Age Old Face - Draw yourself at age 75.

28. Smooth - Draw something with a smooth texture.

25. Unusual Combination - Combine two elements that usually don't belong together.

24. Stairway to Heaven - Draw a staircase where it doesn't belong.

23. My Place - Draw your house from memory.

22. Your Secret - Draw something I don't know about you.

21. Secret Drawings - Draw an innocent bystander without them knowing.