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Art Club 

Art Club Requirements:

  • Must Have a G.P.A. of at least a 2.0
  • $10.00 fee for each year; Additional charges ay apply.
  • New members are accepted in the first three months of the school year.
  • Club meetings will be held in the art room (rm. 113) Every other Thursday after school until 4:00.
  • If not absent from school you must attend every meeting. If absent an excused admit will be necessary. One unexcused admit will result in a violation and three will result in termination.
  • Must participate in at least ONE fundraiser activity per semester.
  • Must participate in at least ONE community service acivity per semester.
  • Putting anyone down or insulting anyone's work will result in a violation.
  • After 3 violations you will be terminated from the club.
  • Officers are elected once a school year.