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Class Schedule  

Schedule for 2016-2017 School Year

1st Period: Algebra Function and Data Analysis 8:10-9:05

2nd Period: Algebra 1 Part 1 9:10-10:00

3rd Period: Planning Period 10:05-10:55

Lunch 11:00-11:25

4th Period: Algebra 1 Part 2 11:30-12:20

5th Period: Office Duty 12:25 - 1:20

6th Period: Algebra 1 Part 1 1:25-2:15

7th Period: Algebra 1 Part 1 2:20-3:15

**Please feel free to join my remind class page for the period that your student is in! I will send out assignment reminders, test reminders, when I send home grade reports, and anything else you need to know about!


Codes are:

1st Period - sbostic1

2nd Period - sbostic2

4th Period - sbostic4

6th Period - sbostic6

7th Period - sbostic7


** I send progress reports home regularly. These progress reports have all of their grades for the 6 weeks on them. Also attached to the progress report is any work that they are missing or that hasn't been turned in. They will have a place for you to sign and date them. I ask students to return them for a free 100 daily grade.**