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Class Activities

Binder Table of Contents  
Activity Date: 5/31/2018

Table of Contents:

1.  "Pineapple" wise words

2.  "How the Pineapple Became a Symbol of Hospitality" article

3.  Friday fig. lang/lit. term:  symbol and symbolism

4.  Monday Mistakes 1

5.  "Pineapple" article reading questions

6.  Tuesday Terms 1(roots):  pathos and sent

7.  Wed. Wise Words: "Sun Parlor" vocab (p. 488 in text)

8.  Friday fig lang/lit term:  reflective essay

9.  Tuesday Terms 2(roots):  mal and dys

10. "Sun Parlor" RQs/study guide

11.  Friday fig. lang/lit term:  autobiography and biography

12.  Monday Mistakes:  than vs. then

13.  Tuesday Terms 3(roots):  scrib/scrip and graph

14.  Wed. Wise Words:

15.  Fri. fig. lang/lit. term:  persuasive essay

16.  Monday Mistakes:  usage (its/there/your)

17.  Tues. Terms (roots) fract and phobia

18.  Wed. Wise Words:  "The Leap" vocab

19.  Fri. fig. lang/lit. term:  foreshadowing

20.  Tuesday Terms:  jud/nym

21.  RQ's:  "The Leap"

22.  Fri. fig. lang/lit. term:  pacing and theme

23.  Monday Mistakes: S L I D E into commas

24.  "Contents" lit. terms (plot chart)

25.  Tuesday Terms:  voc/auto

26.  "Contents" RQs

27.  Wed. Wise Words "Contents" vocab

28.  Fri. fig lang--internal/external conflict

29.  "Workaholism" article

30.  Mon. Mistakes S L I D E into commas

31.  "Workaholism" RQs

32.  Tues. Terms:  fort/morph

33.  Wed. Wise Words voc. p. 60 textbook

34.  Fri. fig lang--perspective

35.  "Swimming to Antarctica" RQs

36.  Mon. Mistakes S L I D E into commas

37.  Tuesday Terms:  aqua/hyper

38.  Wed. Wise Words:  "Like the Sun" vocab p. 188 text

39.  "Like the Sun" RQs

39a.  Compare/contrast Venn of "Like the Sun" and "Tell all the Truth"

40.  Fri. fig lang--irony:  dramatic, situational, verbal

41.  Mon. Mistakes S L I D E into commas

42.  Tues. Terms:  duc-duct/hypo

43.  Fri. fig. lang:  simile

44.  Mon. Mistakes:  S L I D E into commas   44a.  appositives worksheet

45.  "How Lying Affects Your Health" article   45a.  article RQs

46.  Tues. Terms:  ambi/psycho

47.  Wed. Wise Words from "Lying" article