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Updated Grades  


  I hope this message finds you well! For students that turned in work packets I have updated those grades, and your overall final grade should now reflect those changes! I hope you all are doing well and staying safe! I miss each one of you very much! Enjoy your summer, and I hope to see you all in the fall! :) 


~ Best wishes, 

        Ms. Ferrell 

Clearing Lockers   


  I hope this message finds you all well! If you all have anything in the locker room ,(clothes, sneakers, etc.), please come by the school on Thursday between 9am-1pm, and I will be able to get your belongings for you and bring them out to you! 

Take home work   


   I hope you all are staying healthy and safe!! As a result of the schools closure because of the COVID-19 pandemic I have uploaded take home work under the assignments tab! Students in the Vision of You or Eat, Move, Win program should log onto their accounts and complete approximately 40mins-1hr of work per day starting Thursday 3-19-20. Students that opted out of the program or have already completed the program should find the activity log under the assignments page and complete it daily. Be sure to have a parent sign it to varify that the student has completed  at least 30mins of exercise/activity per day. 


Stay healthy & safe! If you all need anything please email me at 



   Ms. Ferrell