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While we are out.....  

Hello everyone,

While we are away from each other, I have compiled a list of websites that are great for reviewing. 


U.S. History:

Here are study packets from my

Here are SOL REVIEW websites:


Econ. & Personal Finance:

1. Go to

2. Go to the top right corner and use this login

                   ID: Rhs138

                   password: hS4602

3. Fill in Zipcode, City, Birth Year and then click SUBMIT

4. Take all the tests over and over again. These are released questions from the W!SE test. You may see these questions on the test or ones close to it. PLEASE READ OVER THE THE REASON WHY THE ANSWER IS THE ANSWER AT THE END OF THE QUIZ.

You will have to login every time you finish a quz.


Here are REVIEW pages for the W!SE test.


Here is a copy of your book online:

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Foundations in Financial Literacy
User name: tcps01
Password: fofl18

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