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Prom Parent Info  


Dear Parent or Guardian,

          Your child is currently a Junior Class Prom Committee member and/or has chosen to sign up for Prom Committee at Richlands High. This title comes an obligation to help with the planning and funding for the prom.  I would very much appreciate your support and assistance in this upcoming event.  While the students will be able to do the majority of the work, they will need supervision, parental help and community support.   My goal is to rally our efforts to have a GREAT Prom this season.  We need parents to carry items, decorate, and be adult supervision and to feed our student workers.  Please let me know how you can help contribute to these efforts.  We are grateful and appreciate your time, effort, and energy in this endeavor! J

You may contact me @

Information for Prom 2017:

·         Date is APRIL 22nd 2017

·         8PM- 11:30PM


Monday, April 17th-10 am – 3pm approximately. Need help loading to and from RHS from Storage   Building in Cedar Bluff.  Trucks/Cars/SUV Parent drivers needed.

 Tuesday, April 18th-3:30-7pm- Décor- Walls & Ceiling

 Wednesday, April 19th- OFF

 Thursday, 20th 3:30- 7 pm ACTION RENTALS delivered. Tables, chairs, lounge furniture, props.

 Friday, 21st, - 3:30-7- THIS IS WHEN MOST HELP IS NEEDED. All hallways, Foyers, and entrances     will not be available to decorate until AFTER SCHOOL on Friday.

Saturday-22nd-3pm – NEED PARENTS TO HELP BLOW UP BALLOONS (Helium needs to be done THAT DAY).

Need parents to get ALL décor contained to gym by that night.  Prom ends @ 11:30pm

Sunday 23rd-OFF

Monday 24th- GYM will be torn down by gym class; must take items back to storage.  NEED PARENTS AND STUDENT HELP!

As always, thank you, GENUINELY, from myself and the faculty of RHS.  “It takes a village…”.and we are appreciative of supportive parents and families.


Tutoring each Tuesday @ 7:30 AM in Room 204.


Book Rubric  
Name: Name: Name: Name: Name: Name:  
Criteria   High Very Good Adequate Unacceptable  
Content & Ideas   Thorough summary-includes all major points.  Direct & correct connection to class.  Uses vocab often & correctly.  Clearly explains concepts learned from reading.  Uses specific & relevant examples. Solid summary-includes major points.  Correct connectin to class.  Uses vocab correctly.  Explains concepts leearned from reading.  Uses specific examples. Decent summary-includes most major points.  Connections are not direct &/or portions are incorrect.  Attempts to use vocab.  Attempts to explain concepts learned from reading.  Examples not entirely specific &/or relevant Poor summary-missing a number of major points.  Connections are not direct and incorrect.  No vocab is used.  No attempt to explain concepts learned from reading.  Examples are not used.  
Mechanics   No glaring errors.  Capitalization and punctuation correct.  Grammar & usage correct Minor errors.  Capitalization & punctuation mostly correct.  Grammar & usage mostly correct. Serious errors.  Capitalization & punctuation missing or incorrect.  Grammar & usage incorrect. Many serious errors.  Little evidence of language skills.  
Organization   Organizes points logically.  Excellent transitions.  Follows all directions Organizes points logically.  Good transitions.  Follows most directions. Attempts to organize points.  Poor or infrequent transitions.  Directions not always followed. Points not organized.  No transitions.  Directions not followed.  

Book List- Novel Project  
Reading   Assignment Book List
Founding   Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation
James Madison   and the Struggle for the Bill of Rights
What Would   the Founders Do? Our Questions, Their   Answers
Presidential   Campaigns: Washington to Reagan
All's   Fair: Love,War, and Running for   President
36 Days: The Complete Chronicle of the 2000   Presidential Election
The Angry   American: How Voter Rage is Changing   the Nation
Deadlock: The Inside Story of America's Closest   Election
America   Afire: Jefferson, Adams and the   Revolutionary Election of 1800
Politics By   Other Means: The Declining Importance   of Elections in Ame
Trail Fever
Confessions   of Political Hitman: My Secret Life of Scandal,…
How to Rig an   Election…
Game   Change: Obama & the Clintons,   McCain & Palin, &
The Battle   for America…
Condi vs.   Hilary
Fooled Again
The First   Campaign
Democracy/State   of the Nation
Red, White,   and Oh So Blue: A Memoir of a   Political Depression
Why Americans   Hate Politics
Who Will Tell   the People: The Betrayal of American   Democracy
How To   Overthrow the Government
America: A Citizen's Guide (warning-book contains profanity)
I am America   and So Can You
How   Democratic is the Constitution
Civil   Rights/Civil Liberties
We Shall   Overcome
Walls Come   Tumbling Down: A History of the Civil   Rights 1940-1970
People's   Charter: The Pursuit of Rights in   America
In Defense of   American Liberties: A History of the   ACLU
In Defense of   Liberty: The Story of America's Bill   of Rights
Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media   Distorts the News
The Nightly   News Nightmare
Bad   News: Where the Press Goes Wrong in   the Making of the Presiden
Rich Media,   Poor Democracy: Communication   Politics…
We're Right,   They're Wrong: A Handbook for Spirited   Progressives
Buck Up, Suck   Up…and Come Back When You Foul Up: 12   Winning
Lies and the   Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and   Balanced Look
Crazies to   the Left and Wimps to the Right
Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right
Treason: Liberal Treachery from the ColdWAr to the   War on Terrorism
How to Talk   to a Liberal if you Must
Hardball: How Politics is Played Told by One Who   Knows the Game
Now, Let me   Tell you What I Really Think
The No Spin   Zone
Dude, Where's   My Country
Stupid White   Men: And Other Sorry Excuses for the   State of the Nation
Glenn Beck's   Common Sense: The Case Against …
The Original   Argument…
Arguing with   Idiots
Cultural   Warrior
You Got to   Dance with them What Brung You
Bloodthirsty   Bitches and the Pious Pimps of Power
Shut Up &   Sing
Pitchforks   and Torches: The Worst of the Worst   from Beck, Bill…
Toxic   Talk: How the Radical Right Has   Poisoned…
The Elephant   in the Room: Evangelicas,   Libertarians, & …
Trickle Up   Poverty: Stopping Obama's Attack on   our Borders,…
Conservative   Victory: Defeating Obama's Radical   Agenda
Red, White,   & Liberal: How Left is Right and   Right is Wrong
Fooled   Again: How the Right Stole the 2004   Election and …
The NeoCon   Reader
Return of Thrift: How the   Collapse of the Middle Class Welfare State Will Rewaken Values in America
Reefer   Madness: Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor in the American…
Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side…
Maestro: Greenspan's FED and the American Boom
Unequal   Democracy
Overhaul: An Insider's Account of the Obama   Administration's…
Boiling   Point: Democrats, Republicans, &   The Decline…
Executive   Branch/The President
Eyewitness to   Power
Bill Clinton   Story: Winning the Presidency
The American   Presidency: An Intellectual History
What I Saw at   the Revolution: A Political Life in   the Reagan Era
State of   Denial
Plan of   Attack
Shadow: Five Presidents and the Legacy of Watergate
The   Agenda: Inside the Clinton White House
Bushwhacked: Life in George W Bush's America
To the Best   of my Ability
War and the   American Presidency
Second Acts
Bush At War
Decision   Points
Legislative   Branch/Congress
Committee: The Extraordinary Career of the House Comm.   On Un-Am
The 9/11 Commission Report:   Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the   United States
Women on the Hill: A   History of Women in Congress
Judicial   Branch/The Supreme Court
The Supreme   Court
Guilty: The Collapse of Criminal Justice
Active   Liberty: Interpreting our Democratic   Constitution
A Matter of   Interpretation
The Brethren
A Court   Divided
Evolution in   the Courtoom
Gideon's   Trumpet
Men in Black
Inside the   Secret World of the Supreme Court
The Great   Decision: Jefferson, Adams, & the Battle for the Supreme
Supreme   Conflict
The Votes   That Counted: How the Court Decided…
Potpourri-Not   Exactly Fitting in Any Other
Longitudes   and Attitudes
Nothin' but   Good Times Ahead
Worse Than   Watergate
The Right and   the Power
Ghost Wars
State of   War: The Secret History of the CIA and   the Bush Admin.


AP Government

Reading Assignment


Objectives: This project will provide students with an opportunity to explore the concepts learned in class in more detail while practicing their reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. Completion of this project will also expose students to a genre of literature they might not be familiar with and will allow students to utilize time management and long-range planning to complete this assignment by replicating a college-type scenario where a project is assigned early in the semester and due at the end. Finally, students will practice written and verbal communication skills with an emphasis on creativity, conciseness, and justification of thoughts.


Topic: All books used for this project are non-fiction and are related to U.S. Government. Attached is a list of books recommended for use. You do not have to buy these books. Please make use of the CHS and public libraries-including interlibrary loans. If you would like to select a book that is not on the list, you must type an application that gives the title and author of the work as well as explains why you want to use this book and why your request should be approved. Changes to your selection will not be permitted after the sign-up deadline has passed so spend some time doing research and choose wisely.


Dates: This 100 point project will be .. The Final paper will be due on the date listed on your calendar. Projects are due on that day whether you are present or not. Late Projects will not be accepted. There will be book discussions on those days.


Assignment: The steps to take to complete this assignment are:

     1) Choose and Read a book from the list provided.            

     2) Write a paper. You will clearly label each section of the paper. Regardless of the section, you will use paragraphs, complete sentences, and transitions between topics. You need to be thorough and explicit while also being concise. The sections of your paper will be:

            a) Summary- be sure to include ALL key points and to explain the author’s points

            b) Connection-explain how the book relates to topics/concepts covered in class.

                   Be specific in referencing both the book as well as the specific units and concepts

                   from class and justify your


            c) Learned-describe things you learned from this book. That could/should

                 include not only information that supplemented something you already

               knew, but also concepts that were new to you

            d) Review/Rate-explain whether you would recommend this book to another

                 student; whether you would read another work by this author; the

                 readability (was it an easy read) of this work; where you found the book-in the public

                 library; school library; my shelves; or Amazon; and whether the work should

     remain on the list of potential books. Justify all parts with specifics.


The paper will be typed using 12 point, Times New Roman font with one inch margins. You will clearly label each section. You will Single Space within sections and Double Space between sections. You will use spell check and review your grammar. You will use the attached rubric as your cover page. You will cite quotes & any information that is not yours using parenthetical notation, even though the source is obvious. If you are using a Nook or Kindle, ask about citations.


US History SOL Game Links





Practice Test Online US HISTORY   




Makeup Work  

If you missed class… and need a tutorial on how to complete the work please refer to my webpage for links to step by step instructions. 

·         Logon to RHS webpage

·         Select “School Staff” on the left-hand menu

·         Select my name

·         Select “Links”

·         This will take you to a website where you choose your subject, and then the topic area you need help with.

·         Watch the video and learn

These items can be viewed from the internet OR a Smartphone so please take advantages of your resources while absent.