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Update 05-04-2020  
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UPDATE 04-13-20  

Take Home Packet #2 Biology 1 should be downloadable now! If you tried earlier, and were unsuccessful, please try again!  Hope you all had a Happy Easter!

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UPDATE as of April 6, 2020:  

Take Home Packet #2 contains the Final essential objectives and standards for the year 2019-2020. 

You may pick up this packet at the school on April 8, 2020 from 9:30 -1:30 using the bus lane at the back of the school.  You may also access the packet with cover letter on this web page under FILE MANAGER.  Use LINKS & PRESENTATIONS for online learning resources (powerpoints, videos, etc.)

As of today, April 6, 2020, unless you receive a letter from Mrs. Ringstaff and Mrs. Hurst with a report card showing a failing grade as of March 13, 2020, you do not need to turn in this packet. If you were failing as of March 13, you must return the reissued BIOLOGY SOL REVIEW packet (located online under FILE MANAGER as Covid 19 Biology Take Home Packet #1) completed by a date to be determined by Tazewell County Public Schools. Please watch for date announcement on TWITTER, REMIND, FACEBOOK, etc…

I know this is a time of uncertainty and bittersweet feelings. Some of you were not ready for the school year to end, some of you may be glad, but no matter the feelings you are experiencing please know that I am praying for each of you to have wisdom, peace and comfort through to the end of this quarantine.  I miss you all!

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UPDATE 04-01-2020  

New Packets will be distributed on April 8, at RHS from 9:30 - 1:30.  If you have completed the first packet, please return it to me for feedback. You can drop off to me on April 8 or during RHS scheduled work hours - see  I will also be posting the new packet information online beginning Monday, April 6.  You will turn this in for a grade at a later date (TBA). For now, take a break for the rest of the week, focus on family and you.  Take care of yourself.  If you have questions or just want to talk, message me on remind or email at any time.

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With the Governor’s recent decision to close schools for the
remainder of the year there are many questions that have not been answered at
this time. The state superintendent has advised all divisions that guidance
will be coming in the next couple of days in regards to graduation
requirements, meal program, standard/verified credit issuance, and basic
instructions on completing the school year with continuity of learning for all
students. We will update everyone as soon as we have received this guidance from
the state level.

Christopher B. Stacy, Ed.D.
Division Superintendent
Tazewell County Public Schools
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During this time of school closure for COVID 19 precautions, we are providing Review/Enrichment Lessons for each class.  There is an Online copy of the Biology 1 SOL Review packet under FILE MANAGER.  Please, check the CALENDAR for a guideline for using take-home packets and Online Learning resources to complete packets. You will find powerpoints for each chapter covered under PRESENTATIONS.  Find links to online textbooks, SOL review sites, other learning resources under LINKS.  I will also put assignments under the CALENDAR for each day beginning Thursday, March 19 as Day 1 of the Take HOME Packets. 

I pray for each of you during this unsettling time, I pray for peace, comfort, safety and wisdom for you and your families.  Please message me or email me any questions or concerns you may have.  Love and prayers to all of you!



To join REMIND App for:

Biology 1 Text to #81010, then send @b9dh3kb9 in the text message.

Biology II Anatomy  Text to #81010 then send @6f6bkk in the text message.

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Please follow Twitter for up to date announcements from TCPS and Richlands High School.

@TCPSchools, @RichlandsHigh.

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