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6th Grade Beginning Band, 7th Grade Band, 8th Grade Band, Band, RHS "Blue Tornado" Marching Band, RHS Wind Ensemble


Please go to the file manager link above to view important documents. Enrichment Activities are listed below.

 Last upated on May 8, 2020

 Click this link below to get info aobut the Marching Band.....

2020-21 Marching Band Participation Form


Richlands Band & Beginning Guitar Instructional Packet

Parents and Students,

I was able to secure a subscription to SmartMusic through the end of June.  This is an incredible platform that will allow me to give students assignments and for them to explore sheet music options with accompaniments.  This is an incredible opportunity as this platform is usually quite expensive. I am attaching instructions to join online classes and have access to the database.  If you do not have internet access, I am also attaching additional practice logs. If for some reason, your student still does not have their instrument or music, please contact me at and I will make arrangements to get those to you.  I will not be distributing any additional music. Each student should have  pieces in their folders depending on class as well as their method books.. If your student is interested in marching band (for current students in grades 7-11), stay tuned for additional details on that.  If you have questions, once again, email me at 

Other Resources:         

Also Check YouTube for instrument specific tutorials

Student are expected to play their instrument 4 times a week for 30 minutes for each practice session

Students may also submit video performances of materials they wish to share with me at my email 

SMARTMUSIC:  Please join Smart Music if you have internet access.  Assignments have been uploaded for submission for all band and beginning guitar classes.  You must use a laptop/macbook,desktop, or tablet/ipad with google chrome app to use Smart Music; Smartphones cannot be used.   Each class has several assignments uploaded to their smart music virtual classes at various performance levels. I request each student to complete/submit 5 examples.  PLEASE DO NOT WORRY ABOUT GRADING…... I am focusing on students ATTEMPTING to perform and NOT assessing your assignments even though the program will give you a grade. (Poor internet connection or mic placement can cause problems with scoring).   Make this something fun during this time and enjoy the technology. 

Please go to to create a free account to join their class.  Only students that are enrolled in Mr. Miller's classes will be accepted.  Please present your true identity, not a false name.

The class codes are listed below:

Beginning Band: ZH46J-6E7VY

7th & 8th Grade Band:XJMPH-4KKCZ

High School Band: 3MCWF-QANJU

High School Beginning Guitar:  G7QCD-EGHEF

Should you not have internet access, your student may do the following:

Beginning Band: All students should have access to their band folders including a band book “Sound Innovations for Concert Band Book 1” (practice the following lines: 56, 64, 69, 82, 129, 179, 184) and concert selections including: Beginners Rock!, Cardiff Castle, & Star Wars.  Students may also practice scales Concert Bb & Concert F. And learn a chromatic scale (use the fingering chart in the back of the book).

7th & 8th Grade Band:  All Students should have access to their band folders including a band book “Essential Elements for Band Book 2” (practice the following lines: 21, 22, 43, 87, 88, 97,114)  and concert selections including: New Forest March, Uma Thurman, Highlights from Harry Potter, & To Conquer the Kraken. Students may also practice 7 Jr. All District Scales and a chromatic scale.

High SchoolBand:  Will need to request access  to their concert Band Folder by emailing me at   I will make arrangements for that folder to be given to you.

High School Beginning Guitar: Contact Mr. Miller to request a copy of the guitar method book or check out a guitar @  

Zoom Meetings!!

If your student would like to see Mr. Miller, I will be doing weekly zoom meetings for all of my classes!  Have your student download the Zoom App! We will be holding a band forum with a question and answer session!  It’s just a great way to keep in touch. Please know that these meetings will be recorded and must have 3 participants.   Only Students that are registered in 2019-2020 band classes will be allowed to enter the Zoom sessions. Please present your true identity, not a false name.  If no student joins a Zoom Session in the first 15 minutes of the assigned time, the session will be closed.

High School Band:  Every Wednesday @ 1:00pm through June 3, 2020

Meeting ID: 354-868-220
Meeting Password: to be sent upon request via remind

7th & 8th Grade Band: Every Wednesday @ Noon through June 3, 2020

Meeting ID: 177-917-368
Meeting Password:  to be sent upon request via remind

Beginning Band: Every Wednesday @ 2:00pm through June 3, 2020

Meeting ID: 929-408-127
Meeting Password:  to be sent upon request via remind

RHS Beginning Guitar: Every Wednesday @ 11:00am through June 3, 2020

Meeting ID: 843-535-644
Meeting Password:  to be sent upon request via remind



Guitar Students - Go to My YouTube Playlist for Free Guitar Lessons for enrichment


Guitar Students - Go to Guitarist Source for additional enrichment


All Classes may visit for great actitivies


Currently, Smart Music is offering FREE services to all students though June 30, 2020.  I highly recommend all band students register for Smart Music and explore the vast options available from this online service


Check the calendar link above for updates

For communication to Mr. Miller during this time, please send a message through the Remind App

RHS Marching Band Code is @rhsblu

RHS Wind Ensemble Code is @196375

RHS Beginning Guitar Code is @rhsbegi

RMS 8th Grade Band Code is @rms8thgrad

RMS 7th Grade Band Code is @fk2k2

RMS Beginning Band Code is @rmsbegi

Mr. Miller will be checking remind messages, email, and text messages  Monday-Friday from 8:30am-3:00pm


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Richlands High & Middle Schools Band Director

D. Bruce Miller

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