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Ringstaff, Kimberly
Hurst, Charity Assistant Principal

Addison, Melissa Science/Biology I & II
Bandy, Paula Marketing Coordinator
Bostic, Shelby Mathematics
Brown, Christina English
Campbell-Harris, Katrina Science - Biology & Environmental Science
Charles, Brent Special Services
Cox, Anthony Special Services
Cunningham, Sherry Earth Science
Cury, Rod Social Studies Department
Daugherty, Frank Physical Education
Elswick, Michelle Math
England, Steven Biology/Anatomy
Ferrell, Cassidy PE
Goforth, Beth Family & Consumer Sciences Department
Griffith, Tammy Special Education Teacher
Hale, Christopher Latin I, II, and III
Hart,  Christina English
Hunsucker, Haley English
Hunt, Willie Business Teacher
Kane, Keilah Math
Kirby, Kip Ag Teacher/FFA Advisor
Kitts, Abbey Mathematics
Littrell, Justin Social Studies
Lloyd, Morgan Social Studies
Lowe, Chad Special Education
Mance, Ann Marketing Department
Mance, Greg P.E.
Miller, David Directors of Bands
Oliver, Lorie English Department
Parker, Robert USAF
Patrick, Angie Library
Pruitt, Ruth Earth Science/Environmental Science
Pruitt, Tricia Spanish 2 and 3
Rife, Michelle Mathematics
Robinson, Amanda A.P & Dual Government/U.S. History
Smith, Beth English Department
Smith, Stuart
Sparks, Ronald Business Department
Stafflinger, Leianna Chemistry/Environmental Science
Tarter, Jeff English Department
Tatum, Sandy special needs department/teacher
Tatum, Sydnei Art
Wade, Patrick Social Studies/Special Services
Warner, Ami Social Studies Department

Davis, Amy
Patrick, Angie Library
Richardson, Brittany Guidance