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Scholarship Links
Fast Web

College Net

Suntrust Off to College Scholarship Sweepstakes

Free to enter and eligibility not based on GPA or financial need.

15 chances to win with one winner chosen every two weeks from October to May.

Enter online

Scholarship Experts

Fast, easy and free way to find scholarships on the internet.

Student Scholarship Search

Free searchable database of college scholarships and grants.


Free undergraduate scholarship database.


Wells Fargo CollegeSTEPS Sweepstakes

CollegeSTEPS Sweepstakes winners are chosen at random. A total of 100 $1,000 prizes will be awarded to high school students.  Once you sign up, you're automatically entered in future drawings until you no longer meet the eligibility criteria. Sign up today.

bigfuture by College Board

bigfuture by College Board-Search for scholarships, find colleges, explore careers, and much more!

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation’s scholarship programs are designed to encourage and support outstanding students who work hard and have financial need. Our scholarships provide financial assistance and academic support to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. Please check website for further information.

SWCC Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship applications are usually not available until December or January, since they are updated annually. Please see website to apply for scholarships.

Tobacco Scholarship

Please check the website for additional information.


Discover is giving away 40, $2.500 scholarship awards to help pay for the cost of college. You simply need to visit the website to complete a short application. Winners will be randomly selected in a drawing.

AES Scholarship

Please see website for further details. 

Deadline: October 6, 2018

SunCoke Energy Jewell Coke Operations Scholarship

Sons/daughters or legal dependents of Jewell Coke Operations' employees are eligible for this scholarship. Please see the guidance office for an application. 


Please See Guidance Office for Application

Virginia Tech RaiseMe!

Virginia Tech has partnered with RaiseMe!  RaiseMe is an online platform for 9th-11th grade students to earn money for college.  Students can earn "micro-scholarships" (performance based scholarships) from VT and 275+ other colleges for their high school achievements, beginning in 9th grade.  Students can earn money for A's, community service, extra curricular activities, and everything in between!  Specifically, students can earn the following through Virginia Tech's micro-scholarship program:  $30 for each A in a core class, $100 for each extracurricular activity, $3 for every hour of community service and $100 for an off campus visit with a VT representative. 

Students should visit to begin to earn scholarships from VT.  RaiseMe can help you get a head start on your college search and develop into strong applicants as a result! 

Stop by the guidance office today for more information or visit the site listed above!  GO HOKIES!

Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc.

Since 1984 the Horatio Alger Association has awarded over $143 million in college scholarships to deserving students.  Through nationally recognized educational programs, the Association reaches out directly to the nation's young people with a message of hope, opportunity, responsibility and perseverance.  The scholarship programs provide financial assistance to students throughout the nation who have significant financial need and have exhibited integrity and perseverance in overcoming personal adversity.  The scholarships are given to deserving students each year and range in award value from $6,000 to $25,000. 

Eligibility criteria include: high school graduation in spring/summer, demonstrated critical financial need ($55,000 or lower adjusted gross family income) and United States citizenship.  Students may apply online August 1-October 25 at 

Any questions or concerns please see your guidance counselor today!

September Scholarships
Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway - October 17, 2018 (20 Awards - $100,000)


My Projector Lamps Scholarship - October 31, 2018 (2 Awards - $500)



 Minimum Wage and Overtime Reform Scholarship - November 30, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)



 Dolman Law Group Scholarship - December 29, 2018 (1 Award - $1,100)


Harris Poll Scholarship - September 30, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)


SP Scholarship - September 30, 2018 (10 Awards - $10,000)


 VIP Scholarship - September 30, 2018 (1 Award - $5,000)



YDI Scholarship - September 29, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)




Please see websites for more information

American Legion High School Oratorical Contest

Each year the American Legion sponsors its National High School Oratorical Contest.  This contest provides your students an excellent opportunity to improve research, writing and oration skills plus gain a greater appreciation for one of our country's cornerstone documents, the United States Constitution.  This is national competition with the top national orator receiving an $18,000 scholarship for college.  

Please visit for contest rules and requirements for academic year 2018-2019.  Local contests are conducted in December or January.  Top orators advance to district and regional competitions with the very best orators advancing to the state-level contest in March 2019.  In addition to awards and scholarships earned at lower levels, scholarships awarded at the state level include $1,100 for first place and $600 for students finishing second and third.

Specific information about the program can be found a the link listed above.  The website features the performances of last year's national finalists so students can see for themselves what is required of each competitor.  

For more information pertaining to this program please see your counselor TODAY!

October Scholarships
1. Louis Stokes Educational Scholarship Program - October 31, 2018 (1 Award - $30,000)


2. Voice of Democracy Scholarship - October 31, 2018 (50 Awards - $30,000)


3. Good360 Sustainability Scholarship - October 31, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)


4. Pinot's Palette Scholarship - November 1, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)


5. Harris Poll Scholarship - September 30, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)


6. SP Scholarship - September 30, 2018 (10 Awards - $10,000)


7. VIP Scholarship - September 30, 2018 (1 Award - $5,000)


8. YDI Scholarship - September 29, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)





Please see websites for more information.

The John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage

An excellent opportunity for students wanting to channel their creativity in civic related areas and politics.  Please see website for more details.

The Gloria Wille Bell and Carlos R. Bell Charitable Trust

During their lifetimes, Gloria Wille Bell and Carlos R. Bell, long-time residents of Gloucester County, VA, created a trust fund to provide scholarship support to forward the careers of students pursuing degrees in engineering, mathematics, physics, computer science or another related scientific field at the University of Michigan.


The scholarship program will provide up to $80,000 over four years of undergraduate study to students selected from the Commonwealth of Virginia, which preference given to residents of Gloucesterm Virginia area.


Recipients must be enrolled at the University of Michigan and pursuing an undergraduate degree program in engineering, mathematics, physics, computer science or another related scientific field.


Scholarship support is for four years or through graduation, whichever is less, and annual renewal is contingent on satisfactory academic progress.


Scholarships will be awarded to first year students entering the College of Engineering, or the College of Literature, Science and the Arts at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


To apply and additional information please visit the website at

Lee-Jackson Educational Foundation Scholarship Program

The 2018-2019 Lee-Jackson Educational Foundation Scholarship Program is now available for Virginia public, private, and home high school juniors and seniors!  $42,000 in college scholarships are available for participating students this year.  Eightteen scholarships will be awarded to VA high school juniors and seniors submitting outstanding original, analytical essays on any aspect, positive or negative, of the career, character, or legacy of General Robert E. Lee and/or General Stonewall Jackson.  The deadline for students to submit applications and essays to their high school principals/counselors) is February 1, 2019.  Winners will be announced May 15, 2019. 

Please visit the website link for more information!

October Scholarships (Additional)
The Scholarship Programs below are accepting applications from students between October 23, 2018 and December 31, 2018.  Please read the application instructions on the website carefully before applying.
1. AXA Achievement Scholarship - December 14, 2018 (52 Awards - $25,000)


2. Voyager Scholarship - October 31, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)


3. Lamber-Goodnow Scholarships - December 1, 2018 (7 Awards - $1,000)


4. 2018 NRA Scholarships - December 31, 2018 (4 Awards - $1,000)


5. Harris Poll Scholarship - October 31, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)


6. SP Scholarship - October 31, 2018 (10 Awards - $10,000)


7. VIP Scholarship - October 31, 2018 (1 Award - $5,000)


8. YDI Scholarship - October 29, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)







Please see the links listed below for more information! Wise Scholarship recently luanched an annual $1,000 scholarship thats available to seniors at Richlands High School who intend to pursue a career in finance or a related industry.  Please visit the link above for more details!

The Hagan Scholarship

The Hagan Scholarship is a nationwide need-bsed merit scholarship, designed to provide each recipient with the opportunity to graduate college debt free.  Six hundred twenty-two Hagan Scholars from 37 states currently attend 236 colleges and universities. 

The intended recipient of a Hagan Scholarship is a high achieving, self-motivated student who will require financial assistance to attend college.  Each Hagan Scholarship provides up to $6,000 each semester for up to 8 consecutive semesters and includes a $15,000 Schwab Investment Account and fully paid Study Abroad Award.

Over 300 new scholarships will be awarded in April 2019.  There is no application fee.  The award of a Hagan Scholarship has been life changing for many recipients.  

For more information and to access the Hagan Scholarship Application please visit the website at  The application deadline is 5:00 PM CST November 15m 2018.  

Please visit the website for more information or see your guidance counselor today!

Burger King Scholarship

Need money for college???  Do you have a parent/guardian that works at Burger King???  Do you work at Burger King????  If so, you can apply to receive up to $50,000 in scholarship awards for the 2019-2020 year!  

High school seniors must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 to be eligible and must be active in their community through volunteering, sports, clubs and/or religious organizations!

Don't miss your chance to become a Burger King Scholar!  Apply today at the link listed above!

The application closes December 15, 2018


November Scholarships

The Scholarship Programs below are accepting applications from students between November 1, 2018 and December 15, 2018.  Please read the application instructions on the website carefully before applying.

1. Dr Juan Andrade Jr. Scholarship - November 30, 2018 (20 Awards - $1,000)


2. Flourish Scholarship - November 30, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)


3. Stephen J. Brady Stop Hunger Scholarships - December 5, 2018 (5 Awards - $5,000)


4. Burger King Scholars Program - December 15, 2018 (10 Awards - $50,000)


5. Harris Poll Scholarship - November 30, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)


6. SP Scholarship - November 30, 2018 (10 Awards - $10,000)


7. VIP Scholarship - November 30, 2018 (1 Award - $5,000)


8. YDI Scholarship - November 29, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)




Please see the links listed below for more info!

The Recovery Village Health Care Scholarship

$1,000 scholarship to students pursuing a medical, health-related course of study.  The Recovery Village, a mental health organization with locations across the country, dedicated to helping those struggling with substance abuse into recovery. 

Please visit the link listed below!

The Recovery Village Health Care Scholarship:


The Scholarship Committee of the American Municipal Power (AMP) Board of Trustees is calling for nominations for scholarships awarded in memory of Lyle B. Wright and Richard H. Gorsuch, distinguished teachers in public power history.  Since awarding its first scholarship in 1988, AMP is proud to have presented $328,000 to graduating high school seniors.

AMP is the non-profit wholesale power supplier and services provider for 135 member municipal electric systems in the states of Ohio, Pennslyvania, Michigan, Virginia, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Maryland and Delaware.  Combined these public utilities serve more than 650,000 customers.  

Complete program rules for the Wright and Gorsuch scholarships can be found in the Guidance Office at RHS.  AMP Scholarship recipients are chosen based on academic performance, good score on the public power test and participating in a variety of extracurricular activities/programs.

For more information please see your guidance counselor today!111

Please see your counselor for more information!11

December & January Scholarships
1. GE Reagan Foundation Scholarship - January 4, 2019 (20 Awards - $40,000)

2. Masonic-Range Science Scholarship - January 1, 2019 (1 Award - $5,000)

3. Senior Planning Social Work and Eldercare Scholarship - December 15, 2018 (5 Awards - $900)


4. Harris Poll Scholarship - November 30, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)


5. SP Scholarship - November 30, 2018 (10 Awards - $10,000)


6. VIP Scholarship - November 30, 2018 (1 Award - $5,000)


7. YDI Scholarship - November 29, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)







Please see links listed below!


The GE-REAGAN FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM is for high school seniors who demonstrate one or more of the following:
Leadership, Drive, Integrity, and/or Citizenship!

Up to $40,000 per scholar!



Please see below for more information!

The Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Virginia

The Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Virginia annonces an essay contest for any Virginia high school senior who will attend any four-year college or university in the Commonwealth of Virginia beginning in the fall of 2019.  The Society will award a $3,000 scholarship to the autor of each of the four essays that are judged to be the most outstanding.  Any graduating Virginia high school senior who has been admitted to a four year college or university in the Commonwealth of Virginia which he or she plans to attend in the fall of 2019 is eligible to enter the essay contest.  

Each year the essay is about a historical document that played an important role in the establishment of our nation.  Past essay topics have included such documents as the Virginia Declaration of Religious Freedom, the Virginia Act of Cession and the Westmoreland Resoluations.  This year's topic will be Article 11 of the United States Constitution: Why a republic and not a democracy?

A team of judges will select the winners based upon the following criteria:  Originality, Organization, Development and Style!

Entries should be iimited to 1,5000 words, excluding citations, and should be typed, with double spacing and one-inch margins, on one side of white letter sized paper.  Each submission should be an original essay written for this competition.  

The Society will award four scholarships, of $3,000 each, to those eligible contestants whose essays are judged, based on the criteria set forth above, to be the most outstanding.  The Society will notify award winners by mail or telephone by May 17, 2019 and the awards will be publicly announced and presented at a luncheon in late May or early June.

Two copies of each entry must me mailed with a completed application (available in the RHS Guidance Office) form to:

Mr. Frank T. Sutton, IV

1209 Balustrade Blvd. Richmond, VA 23226

Entries must be postmarked by Friday, March 15, 2019.  Applicants may pick up a application in the Guidance Office.  For more information please see your counselor today!


Please see below for more information!


High school seniors who have an interest in golf (skill and ability are neither requirements nor considerations), are in good academic standing, and have been domiciled in Virginia since September 1, 2018 are elgible tp apply!  The awards program is administered by the VSGA-VIP Schoarlship Foundation, a 501 organization created by the Virginia State Golf Association to fund college scholarships.  If you believe you are a good candidate please see your guidance counselor today!

Since its inception in 1984, nearly 1,000 scholarships totaling $2.3 million have been awarded.  In 2018, grants ranged from $1,500 to $7,000 and currently 51 students are receiving aid.

Completed applications may be mailed directly to the Virginia State Golf Association, or submitted online at  Official transcripts (sealed) should be mailed to the address indicated on the application.  The application deadline is no later than midnight, Wednesday, February 20, 2019.  

Please see your counselor today for more information!


Please see below for more information!

Bezos Scholars Program

The Bezos Scholars Program engages students in positively impacting their communities.  Scholars build connections with peers and educators from across the United States and Africa, get inspired by global leaders, and use what they've learned to launch a community change project!

Learn about the program and application process at  Visit to watch interviews with alumni and short videos about the program!

Apply by February 8, 2019!  Successful applicants are current juniors that demonstrate academic rigor, maturity, curiousity and leadership!  Students complete an online application that includes essay questions, a confirmation of support from their school principal, and the nomination of an educator to participate alongside them!

Develop leadership skills your senior year, in the year long program and on an all-expenses paid trip to the Aspen Ideas Festival June 22-28, 2019.

ACT NOW!  With ongoing support and $1,000 funding, teams launch local community change projects that align their unique passion with meeting a community need.

Please see your counselor today for more information regarding this exciting opportunity!

Job Corp Opportunities

Through Job Corps eligible students can train tuition-free for a career in today's growing industries!  Job Corps offers students who may not be successful in the typical high school environment or for whom college is not a feasible choice the opportunity to learn the skills needed to start a career in the nation's most-in-demand fields.  To learn more and do order materias like the brochure included in this mailng, please visit

Job Corps is a US Department of Labor program that is the nations largest career technical training and education program for eligible young people.  

Please see your counselor today for more information!

University of Mary Washington

Any senior interested in attending the University of Mary Washington please visit their website for more information regarding the following scholarship opportunities available:
Collegiate Award:  UMW is proud to add the Collegiate Award to our merit scholarship program for Virginians.  Students who will likely be in consideration for UMW's full ride, the Washington Scholarship, will now be considered for a $10,000 scholarship at the point of admission.  The academic profile for Collegiate Award consideration begins with a very demanding college preparatory program, a cumulative GPA of 4.0 and combined SAT scores of 1400 or higher or an SCT composite score of 30 or higher.  These students will also be strong contenders within the Washington Scholar pool.  To learn more about the full ride opportunities please visit

Jepson Scholars:  UMW was awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant in support of students in the science fields. This nearly $1 million dollar grant will provide opportunities for students in biology, chemistry, earth and environmental science, and physics to persist and succeed in these majors at UMW and continue to graduate study or careers in the sciences.  The application will be available on December 1 at  

Additional First Year Scholarships:  Scholarships for students applying for fall 2019 can be found at  

For more information regarding these scholarships for UMW please visit the website listed above or see your counselor today!


December Scholarships
1. Foot Locker Scholar Athletes - December 14, 2018 (20 Awards - $20,000)

2. Edison Scholars Program - December 14, 2018 (30 Awards - $40,000)

3. CGTrader Scholarship - December 14, 2018 (3 Awards - $2,000)

4. Williams Law Group Scholarship - December 10, 2018 (2 Awards - $1,500)

5. SP Scholarship - December 31, 2018 (10 Awards - $10,000)

6. VIP Scholarship - December 31, 2018 (1 Award - $5,000)

7. YDI Scholarship - December 29, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)




Please see below for more information.

College Placement Tests
SAT Testing

ACT Testing

Financial Aid
Student Aid

A government site with plenty of information on funding opportunities and grant application packages.

College Grants in Virginia


FinAid-The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid

Virginia Department of Education

Graduation Requirements

Career Guidance
VA Wizard

NCAA Clearinghouse
NCAA Clearinghouse Eligibility

Prospective student-athletes who plan to participate in intercollegiate athletics at an NCAA Division I or II institution should register online early during their senior or junior year.

Choosing A College
Choosing A College