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Scholarship Links
Fast Web

College Net

Suntrust Off to College Scholarship Sweepstakes

Free to enter and eligibility not based on GPA or financial need.

15 chances to win with one winner chosen every two weeks from October to May.

Enter online

Scholarship Experts

Fast, easy and free way to find scholarships on the internet.

Student Scholarship Search

Free searchable database of college scholarships and grants.


Free undergraduate scholarship database.


Wells Fargo CollegeSTEPS Sweepstakes

CollegeSTEPS Sweepstakes winners are chosen at random. A total of 100 $1,000 prizes will be awarded to high school students.  Once you sign up, you're automatically entered in future drawings until you no longer meet the eligibility criteria. Sign up today.

bigfuture by College Board

bigfuture by College Board-Search for scholarships, find colleges, explore careers, and much more!

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation’s scholarship programs are designed to encourage and support outstanding students who work hard and have financial need. Our scholarships provide financial assistance and academic support to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. Please check website for further information.

SWCC Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship applications are usually not available until December or January, since they are updated annually. Please see website to apply for scholarships.

Tobacco Scholarship

Please check the website for additional information.


Discover is giving away 40, $2.500 scholarship awards to help pay for the cost of college. You simply need to visit the website to complete a short application. Winners will be randomly selected in a drawing.

AES Scholarship

Please see website for further details. 

Deadline: October 6, 2018

SunCoke Energy Jewell Coke Operations Scholarship

Sons/daughters or legal dependents of Jewell Coke Operations' employees are eligible for this scholarship. Please see the guidance office for an application. 


Please See Guidance Office for Application

Virginia Tech RaiseMe!

Virginia Tech has partnered with RaiseMe!  RaiseMe is an online platform for 9th-11th grade students to earn money for college.  Students can earn "micro-scholarships" (performance based scholarships) from VT and 275+ other colleges for their high school achievements, beginning in 9th grade.  Students can earn money for A's, community service, extra curricular activities, and everything in between!  Specifically, students can earn the following through Virginia Tech's micro-scholarship program:  $30 for each A in a core class, $100 for each extracurricular activity, $3 for every hour of community service and $100 for an off campus visit with a VT representative. 

Students should vist to begin to earn scholarships from VT.  RaiseMe can help you get a head start on your college search and develop into strong applicants as a result! 

Stop by the guidance office today for more information or visit the site listed above!  GO HOKIES!

Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc.

Since 1984 the Horatio Alger Association has awarded over $143 million in college scholarships to deserving students.  Through nationall recognized educaional programs, the Association reaches out directly to the nation's young people with a message of hope, opportunity, responsibility and preseverance.  The scholarship programs provide financial assistance to students throughout the nation who have significant financial need and have exhibited integrity and perservance in overcoming personal adversity.  The scholarships are given to deserving students each year and range in award value from $6,000 to $25,000. 

Eligibility criteria include: high school graduation in spring/summer, demonstrated critical financial need ($55,000 or lower adjusted gross family income) and United States citizenship.  Students may apply online August 1-October 25 at 

Any questions or concerns please see your guidance counselor today!

September Scholarships
Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway - October 17, 2018 (20 Awards - $100,000)


My Projector Lamps Scholarship - October 31, 2018 (2 Awards - $500)



 Minimum Wage and Overtime Reform Scholarship - November 30, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)



 Dolman Law Group Scholarship - December 29, 2018 (1 Award - $1,100)


Harris Poll Scholarship - September 30, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)


SP Scholarship - September 30, 2018 (10 Awards - $10,000)


 VIP Scholarship - September 30, 2018 (1 Award - $5,000)



YDI Scholarship - September 29, 2018 (1 Award - $1,000)




Please see websites for more information

American Legion High School Oratorical Contest

Each year the American Legion sponsors its National High School Oratorical Contest.  This contest provides your students an excellent opportunity to improve research, writing and oration skills plus gain a greater appreciation for one of our country's cornerstone documents, the United States Constitution.  This is national competition with the top national orator receiving an $18,000 scholarship for college.  

Please visit for contest rules and requirements for academic year 2018-2019.  Local contests are conducted in December or January.  Top orators advance to district and regional competitions with the very best orators advancing to the state-level contest in March 2019.  In addition to awards and scholarships earned at lower levels, scholarships awarded at the state level include $1,100 for first place and $600 for students finishing second and third.

Specific information about the program can be found a the link listed above.  The website features the performances of last year's national finalists so students can see for themselves what is required of each competitor.  

For more information pertaining to this program please see your counselor TODAY!

College Placement Tests
SAT Testing

ACT Testing

Financial Aid
Student Aid

A government site with plenty of information on funding opportunities and grant application packages.

College Grants in Virginia


FinAid-The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid

Virginia Department of Education

Graduation Requirements

Career Guidance
VA Wizard

NCAA Clearinghouse
NCAA Clearinghouse Eligibility

Prospective student-athletes who plan to participate in intercollegiate athletics at an NCAA Division I or II institution should register online early during their senior or junior year.

Choosing A College
Choosing A College